External rendering

If the external finish of your property is not what you desire, it is showing signs of age or perhaps it is no longer protecting your property from the elements (which can often be the cause of internal damp), rendering could be the solution. A waterproof sand/cement render is applied in two-coats, the first a scratch coat to provide a waterproof barrier and a key for the second coat, then a top coat is applied to which a range of finishes can be applied.

The main finishes are:

Fine down, also known as plain or sponge finish, gives a flat smooth finish which can be painted or left natural.

Tyrolean, also known as roughcast, gives a speckled cement finish which can be painted or left natural.

Pebble dash is a cement render which is flicked with a range of stone such as chippings, pebble and spar.

K-Rend, also known as monocouche rendering, is a coloured silicon based render, which can be applied in a single coat to new structures or in traditional two coat form to existing properties. This can also be used where external insulation is desired.